A.F.C.E Partnership Event/Activity.

Title: “There is no Inner Fulfilment without Service”

On the 13th of October 2019, A.F.C.E in collaboration with Family Kingdom Hotel Resort organised a very thoughtful activity wherein disabled children belonging to different disabled institutions in Sierra Leone were given the opportunity to launch together and use the playing ground of this resort for the entire day. This initiative is one that was pioneered by the head proprietor of this resort by the name of Mr. Jaward who has on countless occasions been rendering help to these children for the past years.

When the offer of being part of this initiative was extended to us by Mr Jaward, we were well pleased. Due to his thoughtful consideration, we were able to be part of this down-to-earth gesture that involved us spending good quality time with these kids. We ate, talked, and played some activities with them, all of which did really bring true joy to these kids in a way that we had never seen before. At the end of it all, we made sure to take some pictures with the kids and shared a word of gratitude to the staff who work tirelessly in these disabled institutions to ensure that these children feel loved and cared for.

With reference to the fact that this in itself is truly not an easy task for them due to how little their resource fund is, the family kingdom resort and our organisation for such a reason and many other unmentioned ones are trying our best to contribute the little we have into the lives of these disabled children. However, we also believe that if others around do also try to contribute their little then all these little contributions if summed up together will really be of immense help to these kids than it is at the moment. On this note, we want to encourage all other individuals and institutions out there to join us on this quest of making the lives of these children better.

We want to say a big thank you and kudos to The Family Kingdom Resort for allowing us to join them in carrying out this initiative of theirs and we hope that we will continue to be in the position of organising such an event for these children as often as possible.

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