National Inter-church singing competition and gospel awards

Just as quoted in the book of Hebrews 13:16 & 6:10, both of which speaks about us humans always trying to acknowledge the fact that we are channels that God would like to use to be a blessing to others in our sphere of influence. On the 14th of December 2019, the organisation thought it fit to organise an event that is meant to serve two purposes. One of which is to empower youths from different churches and bring about unity between them, and the other reason is to raise funds that will in turn be used to empower deprived and disabled children in our society. Though the event itself did not yield any financial benefit for us as intended to enable us to be better able to carry out more projects, yet still we do regard it as a success because we were able to bring together these youths who really did shower us and the audience present with beautiful songs that sunk right through our hearts.

Through this event which was in the form of a competition among various churches that signed up for it, the youths were opportune to get some singing advice from some of the best gospel musical coaches in our nation like; Pastor Pete and Pastor Alim respectively. The advice received from these noble personnel is one we believe they will put into practice and better their skills for subsequent years of any event of such competitive nature. Aside from this, the event also gave some of the youths from various churches that qualified for the first, second and third position gifts in the form of an award and cash prize which they could in turn use to strengthen their youth ministries. Followed by this, were also other different awards that were given to young gospel artists and humanitarians making an impact in our society in the best way they can. Under the graceful help of Radisson Blu hotel, we were also able to give a two days vacation at this awesome hotel to a talented lady called Phebean Gbondo and her family, as she won the award for the best upcoming gospel artist 2019 as voted by citizens of Sierra Leone.

In addition to the above-mentioned statement, we also did make sure to provide refreshment service to all the competitors, audience and interns who immensely helped in making sure that people were comfortable, and the event went on well. With reference to the interns, we as an organisation that was pioneered by a very vibrant young man ensured that most of the interns for this event were youths. The reason for this was that we wanted to instil some form of responsible and service for others in the lives of these youths so that they too can help in every action that involves making our society a better one.

To sum it all up, we must say we are truly thankful to all the sponsors, churches that sent their youths to partake in the event, the interns who were also mostly youths, and the noble judges who made sure that everything went on without any form of bias, and lastly, the wonderful audience who took time off their schedule to be part of the program. The success of the event is a result of the piece of contribution you all gave. Special thanks also go to Family Kingdom Resort for providing us with their space, the Ministry of Tourism and National Tourist Board for believing that our action is for the betterment of all Sierra Leoneans, Leisure Lodge Hotel for gracing the stomach of all those present with enticeful delicacies, and Radisson Blu hotel for opening their doors to anything that brings happiness in the lives of others.  

We strongly hope to see more people being supportive of this organisation and its initiatives like those mentioned above in the upcoming years. We wish everyone that do by chance or choice read this article a pleasant life full of service for the betterment of others.

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