Disabled Talent Explosion write-up

“ Disability is not Inability”

On the 7th of January 2019, the organisation carried out a new initiative which is meant to create a platform where all disabled children and youths of society can exhibit their God-given or acquired talent. This initiative was implemented because the organisation found out that disabled children and youths are being left out of so many things that other kids and youths do benefit from like; good library facilities, disabled-friendly recreational facilities, availability of basic necessities like food, clothes, school learning materials and equipment, etc… and many more. These are things every citizen of our nation Sierra Leone must be entitled to but however, but this is not the case when it comes to these disabled children who are full of so much potential. To help combat the effect this act of marginalization has on these disabled children and youth, this talent explosion platform was created to enable these children to showcase their talent and in the end, be rewarded for doing so.

We must say out of all the things we as an organisation have been doing, this initiative for us is the most priceless one so far. We say this because of how thrilled, extremely entertained and surprised we were when these children exhibited their talents for us on that day. They really did prove to us that indeed “disability is not inability” and anything we think we can do they as well can do and probably do even better. To be honest, they really did make their statement in our hearts and in the hearts of those present on this faithful day. It may come as a surprise to know that most of the talents that were showcased on that day were ones which most if not all members of the NGO and spectators present could not by any means do.

As an organisation, this initiative is one we strongly intend on doing on a yearly basis as long as we have the finance to do so. Our plan is to use this platform as a means through which these disabled children can display their talents for the world to see. We want it to be a platform through which people can learn to appreciate and value their existence more than the way they currently do. We
want everyone to acknowledge their presence and know that it is high time we start paying more attention to these children and invest a lot in their future. Lastly, above all, we want this platform to be a means through which scholarship programs and schemes can be made available to these kids so that they too can advance their interest in education to the highest level. The program as a whole was really good and we most certainly will try our best to continue creating
opportunities for these disabled children and youths in every way we can.

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