Feeding the Homeless Campaign Project

On the 20th of July 2019, our organisation took another big stride in helping us be of impact on the lives of homeless disabled people in our country. This initiative was put into effect because of how we do see on a daily basis the suffering of these people. Prior to this, we have on one or two occasions met with these people and it was because of some of the concerns that were raised that prompted us to implement such an initiative.

Before the day of the food donation campaign, we ensured that we went to most if not all the areas in the capital where these deprived disabled people are mostly found and collected data of the number of people that belong to each of the homeless disabled committees of all the areas visited. This was done to ensure that every one of them benefited from the feeding program. On the actual day of the project, we started preparations quite early to enable us to leave for the various communities at the earliest possible time. We left our station at around 10:00 am and embarked on our visit to all the specific areas in all the communities where these people are mostly found, namely: John Michael, Cotton Tree, Grafton, Bus Station, Wellington and Waterloo community respectively. We made sure to have discussions with all the people and ensured that every one of them on that day was happy.

In as much as the majority of these people were happy yet still there were some who due to their past experience with other NGOs’ did raise some concerns to our notice. From the concerns raised, we were able to learn from them that many NGOs’ do come pretending to help them when in real fact the benefit of such help is for their personal gain. At some point, we had to beg some of them that raised this concern to find some solace in what we were offering and believe that we were there for their interest only. Though we were hurt by some of the words they uttered we did as well understand their plight because all the things they mentioned are mostly true. Eventually, we were able to calm down all those who raised this concern and really did appreciate their boldness because it gave us more insight into how their situation really is. It also gave us more enthusiasm not to give up on our quest of providing support for them to the best of our ability and prove to them that we love and care for them with our whole hearts. Apart from this, the donation itself went on quite well and regardless of the fact that it was a hectic day, we were happy to see that will could help bring hope to them in our own little way.

Though the act portrayed by us on our first venture is not a sustainable one, our aim was and still is to create an awareness of how deprived these people are to the extent that they do go days without having a meal to eat. What we did on this day is a glimpse of the bigger plans we have ahead for these people if only the necessary support is being made available to us. We want to ensure that
there will come a time when in these people will no longer find it difficult to feed themselves and their innocent children who really do not deserve to be going through such a difficult situation. With reference to this, we as an organisation do plan on carrying out this feeding campaign as often as possible, and we hope that as time progresses people will come on board to help us ensure that these disabled people most of whom are homeless will have one of the essential necessity in life like “food” being made easily available to them. Follow by this, we also want to say thank you to NASSIT for the help they gave towards the project. Subsequently, we do as well hope that there will also come a time wherein all these disabled people and their children will have all the essential necessities needed them and be given equal opportunities in life like all other citizens.

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